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Ursula Reist - Novels

Some Call It Murder
Some Call It Murder
Nick Baumgarten's Sixth Case

On a brilliant summer’s day, a wedding is celebrated at Wildegg Castle that all those in attendance had been joyously anticipating. The next morning, however, brings a rude awakening, when a female corpse is discovered at the foot of the castle rock’s north face. Not only this mysterious death, but also some quite different existential questions will stress the team around Nick Baumgarten to the utmost.

Translated from the German by Henry Randolph, 173 pages, published by Books on Demand, 2018
ISBN 978-3-7460-7563-1, also available as e-book

Hotel of Dead Dreams
The Hotel of Dead Dreams
Nick Baumgarten's Fifth Case
A nameless male corpse, the victim of foul play, is discovered in a residential neighborhood on the outskirts of Aarau and poses an immediate conundrum for Aargau’s Cantonal Police. But even after they pin down the dead man’s identity  a long ten days later, the ensuing hunt for his killer nearly drives Nick Baumgarten to despair. The team’s intensive search for clues among the deceased’s family, in his community,  and in Club Landlust will not let them complete the puzzle. Ultimately, almost by chance Pino Beltrametti, Angela Kaufmann and Nick Baumgarten capture their suspect, but at what cost?

Translated from the German by Henry Randolph, 170 pages, published by Books on Demand, 2016
ISBN 978-3-8423-6036-5, also available as e-book

The Case of the Unshod Corpse
The Case of the Unshod Corpse
Nick Baumgarten's Fourth Case

Nick Baumgarten’s team, at full complement again with Pino Beltrametti on board, sees itself confronted with the violent death of a professor. As usual, the investigators are called on to struggle on several fronts at once: the campus of the Brugg-Windisch University of Applied Sciences, where they must cut through a thicket of intrigues, rivalries and a love affair; internally, where District Attorney Cécile Dumont picks apart their theories and insists on solid evidence; and in the local press, where journalist Steff Schwager, tortured by jealousy, vents his spleen. It helps that Nick Baumgarten has at least found happiness in his private life.

Translated from the German by Henry Randolph, 212 pages, published by Books on Demand, 2015
ISBN 978-3-7386-2818-0, also available as e-book

A Talent to Kill
A Talent to Kill
Nick Baumgarten's Third Case

Nick Baumgarten's private life is back on track, but the violent death of an Aargau author presents him with a hard nut to crack. For one, there is the gruff, taciturn veterinarian the dead man lived with, happily it seems, but whose alibi is extremely shaky. Then Baumgarten has the Aargau Cultural Commission to deal with, or, more precisely, its former president, Cuno von Ottenfels, who tries to explain how cash flows between the State and culture with a big 'C' while hectoring Nick to read more of what he calls good literature. And as always, the journalist Steff Schwager knows way too much and stirs the pot with an article in the Aargauer Zeitung. To top it all off, Nick must hurry to solve his most pressing staffing issue: Peter Pfister is retiring at the end of the month and no replacement is in sight.

Translated from the German by Henry Randolph, 188 pages, published by Books on Demand, 2015
ISBN 978-3-7347-6939-9, also available as e-book

Death Takes the Tax Man
Death Takes the Tax Man
Nick Baumgarten's Second Case

Gion Matossi, a Tax Authority middle manager, is found shot in the elevator of his office building. Nick Baumgarten of the Aargau cantonal police needs answers to all sorts of questions: Was it really suicide? Is the motive to be found in Matossi's private environment, or is tax fraud an issue? And what part exactly is being played by Adrian Toggenburger, Member of Parliament, who tries to obstruct the investigation? Nick is supported not only by his team but also by local newspaper hack Steff Schwager, whose leads, however, get the police into deep water. To make matters worse, Nick's girlfriend Marina Manz is thinking about emigrating to the Carribean.

Translated from the German by Henry Randolph, 216 pages, published by Books on Demand, 2014
ISBN 978-3-7357-7845-1, also available as e-book

Peeling and Poker
Peeling and Poker
Nick Baumgarten's First Case

Nick Baumgarten, deputy chief of CID in the Aargau cantonal police, faces a huge challenge: the CEO of the local casino was stabbed to death and there are absolutely no leads. Neither the dead man's wife nor his best friend have any idea where to look for the killer. It is only when the body of a woman is found in the Beznau weir that connections start to appear. In what way is the attractive psychiatrist involved? And why does the personnel manager of the casino tell the police only part of the truth? The crucial lead is finally provided by Marina Manz, owner of the best beauty salon in Aarau and Nick Baumgarten's girlfriend.

Translated from the German by Rafaël Newman, 166 pages, published by Books on Demand, 2014
ISBN 978-3-7357-6110-1, also available as e-book

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